Saturday, October 7, 2017

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch
We had a fabulous time at the pumpkin patch on Saturday.  You know when you have those moments when all things seem to work together...that was Saturday. It was like I was with a group of my best friends having the time of my life, and to be honest--I was. My favorite part of the whole day was searching for the BINGO animals in the corn maze. I don't usually love getting "lost" in the maze, but I loved the new challenge of BINGO. It made getting "lost" a lot more enjoyable. It was simply a perfect day for the pumpkin patch!

Some of my favorite memories:
~Hailey and Bryan knowing exactly where we were on the Maize Map.
~Holding hands with Amber in the corn maze.
~Bryan using the corn hair to make some extra hair on his face.
~Jake's excitement to also be a leader in the maze.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Homecoming 2017


This was Hailey's first big dance. It was her first time getting dressed up like a princess and then getting picked up by a boy...
For some reason, sending Hailey off for Homecoming made me a little emotional. I couldn't figure out if it was that she was getting older, or if it was how beautiful she looked... Maybe it was a combination of both. Her beauty radiated and it reminded me that my little girl wasn't really little anymore. I wanted to slow down the time. I wanted a magic "pause" button on life. 

 I keep feeling as if time is passing me by and I am just a spectator watching this movie play out.  With that being said, I'm loving the young woman Hailey's becoming!  

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, Jake

Harry Potter Birthday Party

For Jake's 10th birthday, we through an epic Harry Potter themed party. I have to say that it is a good thing he chose "Harry Potter" as the theme as I was WAY into decorating and planning--I am a huge Harry Potter fan. One thing is for sure--when I like the theme, the party is so much more fun!

I sure love my little boy, and I am happy I got to celebrate him in such a fun way. Jake is such a special part of our lives and our family. I can't imagine life without him being a part of it! I am grateful every day that he is mine. A few things I love about this 10 year-old of mine:

He's always ready for a good laugh.
He will be the first to jump into an exciting game of Nerf Wars.
He loves his daddy and adores everything about him.
He thinks his sisters are pretty fun too.
He is kind-hearted.
He is knowledgeable in the gospel.
He has a testimony.
He loves The Book of Mormon.
He wants to be good.
He tries hard everyday.
He is my favorite little boy around. (And I can have a favorite!)
Most importantly--he loves Jesus Christ.

Truly, I wish I could put into words the feelings of my heart when it comes to this little man...I am so grateful I get to be his mom.
The Entrance to Our House

I made brooms for every child. I used wooden dowels, willow twigs, and hot-glue. I hot-glued the willows to the dowel first, and then wrapped them with rope to hold them in place. 

I also made each child a wand. These were made with longer chopsticks (purchased from Amazon), hot-glue, and paint. I first used hot-glue to create the handle. Once the glue was dry, I painted each wand. I liked the black spray paint wands best, but craft paint worked too!

We put a walkie-talkie in the end of the sorting hat. I spoke a little louder than usual, so my husband knew when to speak, and then he sorted the kids from the other room. It worked perfectly!

Previous to the party, my family and I went to Universal Studios in Florida. We loved the Ollivander's Show, so we tried to re-create the show at our house. We tied fishing twine to different objects, so the objects could fly off the shelf as the wizard (boy) used the wand. We only allowed two of the children to experience the show as it would take too long for all of them. When it was time for the rest of the boys to get their wands, we pretended that their wand was claiming them as well, and we told them what was special about each one--just like the show. It was super fun!

Connor in the Ollivander's Show

Jake in the Ollivander's Show

This was my favorite part of decorating. I loved the candy and the signs...really--everything about it. It was so much fun!

For Potions Class, we labeled items for Italian Soda's to sound like items from a potion. Each boy created their own Italian Soda, and drank it with their cake. We also did an exploding baking soda potion where the color of the explosion (food coloring) described the type of wizard each boy was. 

I loved re-creating Hagrid's cake!

Jake led everyone with his wand in singing Happy Birthday to him. It totally cracked me up!

I made wands, brooms, and scarves for each boy. The scarves were made with two pieces of fleece sewn together. I cut the ends to look like the movie. We used these scarves to sort the boys in the different houses. 

I wish I had a picture of the boys playing Quiditch. I was too busy running around that I missed the whole thing. My neighbor made these rings for us with PVC pipe. We only had one hoop on each end instead of three. We tried to keep the game similar to the real game, but there were definite differences. Each team had a Seeker who would search the grounds for a golden ball (golf ball painted gold). We also had a Keeper for each team protecting their goal. The action happened with the Beaters and the Chasers. The Beaters were on the edge of our field. We didn't allow them to come to the center with the Chasers. They had to stay in marked areas running back and forth on the outside of the field. Their goal was to throw the Bludgers (soft balls) at the Chasers. If the Chasers were hit, they had to run to a penalty box and back before they could proceed to play. All the while the Chasers were busy trying to score.  To add an element of difficulty, the Chasers could only run a few steps before they had to pass their ball to a teammate.